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mi cliva doi la .robert.
I'm leaving, Robert.
ba gau mi do cliva
I will make you leave.
experimental gismu x1 arrives at x2 via route x3 See also cliva. Synonymous with tsuku.
lujvo v1 is an exit out of c2. Cf. cliva, vorme, vrogai
lujvo x1 is left behind by x2, that leaves by route x3. Cf. cliva
lujvo c1 arrives at c2 via route c3. Cf. cliva, tolcanci.
mi'a cliva xe ka'a lo trene
We left by train.
ti'u ma ca lo bavlamdei mi'o cliva
What time do we leave tomorrow?
ra cliva la.cikagos. ca lo bavlamdei
He is leaving Chicago tomorrow.
mi cliva ca lo zi lecydo'i
I am going out this afternoon.
mi pensi zo'e pe lo nu cliva
I think about what the leaving had.
ro mi cliva fi lo bavla'i tcana
We are getting off at the next station.
mi ba cliva ca lo nondei
I'm leaving on Sunday.
ko'a ba zi cliva lo rirni zdani
He will soon leave his parents' home.
ko curmi lo nu mi cliva
Let me go.
ko curmi lo nu ko'a cliva
Let him go.