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lujvo x1 is a village in administrative area x3 serving hinterland x4 small by standard x5. Cf. cmalu, tcadu, sosyzda, jarbu.
ta se zdani lo cmatca
She is living in the village.
le cmatca cu zenba binxo lo tcadu
The town grew into a city.
mi vitke zi'o lo cmatca poi ve jbena fo ra
I visited the village where he was born.
lo mi bruna cu xabju lo cmalu cmatca
My brother lives in a small village.
.o'anai lo cmatca nanla pu cu mi'arckasu mi
The boys in the village laughed at me.
lujvo x1 is a hamlet/settlement with inhabitants x2 from so'o zdani c.f. cmatca
ra noi tikpa le kamju poi sanli le cripu be le rirxe poi pagre le cmatca noi se zdani le nanmu poi ponse le karli poi rinka lo nu makfa vlipa cu mrobi'o
He, who kicks the pillar that stands on the bridge that leads over the river that flows through the village, in which lives the man, who owns the collar that bestows magical powers that perform miracles, dies.
lo xabju be lo bi'u nai cmatca cu ta'e kansi'u lo nu bevri lo narge me lo vo xance be lo re prenu be'o poi se tarmi lo julne mei li so'o
The people living in that village habitually carry together several heaps of nuts, each heap being of the size of a net that is formed by two people's four hands.