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cmavo rafsi: vaz location tense distance: near to ... ; there at ...; a medium/small distance from ...
cmavo discursive: in other words - in the same words. See also cneselsku.
cmavo elidable: end of sumti in simple bridi; in compound bridi, separates common trailing sumti.
experimental cmavo omega constant, Lambert product-log W(1) See also: dei'au'o
cmavo rafsi: viz location tense distance: here at ... ; at or a very short/tiny distance from ...
cmavo sumti qualifier: the sequence made from set or composed of elements/components; order is vague.
experimental cmavo they.(repeat >1 preceding sumti) repeats two or more preceding sumti, not one plural sumti
cmavo subscript; attaches a number of letteral string following as a subscript onto grammar structures.
experimental cmavo elliptical bridi logical negator/affirmer/truth-evaluation See also: cau'o'e
cmavo evidential: I observe. See also zgana, lanli.
cmavo rafsi: zaz abstractor: state (event) abstractor; x1 is continuous state of [bridi] being true.
experimental cmavo (elidable) terminator of mathematical/formal quote with mau'au See also: mau'au.
cmavo rafsi: zil pro-sumti: fills a sumti place, deleting it from selbri place structure;changes selbri semantics.
cmavo pro-sumti: the typical sumti value for this place in this relationship; affects truth value.
experimental cmavo start UI-applicative metalinguistic UI-parenthetical Presently (without this word), there is no "official" way to apply a UI cmavo to another (instead, they merely express simultaneous emotions pertaining to the relevant construct). This word begins a parenthetical which can contain UI cmavo and applies these cmavo as a string of UI to the immediately previous UI cmavo metalinguistically (as if the external UI is/are any other type of word which can be acted upon by UI). An omitted UI (external or internal) in this case is equivalent to ge'e. Since the produced parenthetical functions as UI, nested or subsequent such parentheticals operate on it as it operates on external UI cmavo. For details on grouping and application, see koi'e. See also: toi'o.
experimental cmavo converts following word to selbri-unit: "x1 is related to the meaning of this word in aspect x2" Quoting rules are similar to zo. Roughly, (ze'oi *coi*) ≈ (me la'e zo *coi* moi). Meant primarily to quote cmavo, to supersede use of zei as a way of making "tanru" out of cmavo.