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cmavo-compound denial of dialect Used to express that a jo'au-dialect is not currently being used. E.g. "jo'aunai tcekitaujau"
experimental cmavo nonlogical connective (and mekso operator) - symmetric difference of sets 'X1 jo'ei'i X2' is equivalent to 'X1 kei'i X2 jo'ei X2 kei'ibo X1'. Analogous to .onai (logical XOR).
experimental cmavo digit/number: Conway's look-and-say constant λ ≈ 1.303577269… Especially important for Lojban. Assumes decimal counting(?); therefore, not entirely culturally neutral or mathematically important, but it makes sense in the context of typical Lojban.
gismu rafsi: ka'e x1 is able to do/be/capable of doing/being x2 (event/state) under conditions x3 (event/state). Also: has talent; know how to; know how to use (= plika'e). (cf. stati, certu, gasnu (in the time-free potential sense), cmavo list ka'e, cmavo list nu'o, cmavo list pu'i, djuno, zifre)
cmavo digit/number: imaginary i; square root of -1. See also: kau'o, ka'o'ai, ka'o'ei.
cmavo rafsi: kem start grouping of tanru, etc; ... type of ... ; overrides normal tanru left grouping. Cf. ke'e, bo.
cmavo discursive: repeating - continuing. See also refbasna, krefu, rapli, velde'a.
cmavo-compound discursive: in accordance with it; as expected Used in order to draw conclusions in accordance with those statements which were said/uttered previously, as opposed to ku'i - 'in contrast'
experimental cmavo closing bracket/terminator for mekso expression interpretation modifiers Acts as closing for boi'au, boi'ai, boi'oi.
experimental cmavo single-word non-Lojban name; quotes a single non-Lojban word delimited by pauses and treats it as a name See also la'o, zo'oi.
la su'oda
cmavo-compound name: "Someone", aka "the god of lazy people", used when the speaker is pushing responsibility to someone else unspecified Synonymous to la .samyuan. Also {la dzapre}.
experimental cmavo pronoun: the referent of the following utterance Equivalent to la'e di'e, by analogy with lau'u
experimental cmavo anaphoric mass gadri: start a description of a mass/group/constituency mentioned earlier in the text/conversation, viewed as a whole Part of the "gadganzu proposal" for the article system.
experimental cmavo demonstrative mass gadri; start a definite description that refers to a mass/group/constituency in the shared frame-of-reference, viewed as a whole Part of the "gadganzu proposal" for the article system.
experimental cmavo terminator of selma'o LUhEI See also lu'ei, li'u and me'u.
experimental cmavo lisri modal, 1st place: in/belonging to/of/from story... Of a character, location, event, etc.; something which exists in the universe of the story.