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cmavo-compound literal sense; marks a construct as literal (non-figurative/non-metaphorical/exact) speech/text "Literally"; one sense of "exactly speaking". Not to be used as an intensifier (unlike some usages of "literally" in English).
cmavo discursive: uniquely, only, solely: the only relevant case. See also pamei, mulno, frica.
cmavo-compound time-tense discursive: a long time ago and far away; locks frame-of-reference of time and space Commonly used similarly to English "once upon a time" in story introductions.
experimental cmavo quotes a single non-meaning name in lojban (Must be lojban text and sounds) delimited by pauses Similar to la'ai but used for single-word names.
cmavo-compound quantified selbri: converts enough to cardinal; x1 is a set with members x2, enough by std. x3.
experimental cmavo the trivial selbri conversion - identity permutation of terbri Outputs the terbri in the standard/original/trivial order: x1 broda x2 x3 x4 x5. Useful for answering 'se'u'o' questions.
cmavo-compound quantified selbri: convert 2 to ordinal selbri; x1 is second among x2 ordered by rule x3.
experimental cmavo shift to Latin alphabet (strictly) (Part of a proposal to restrict definition of lo'a to strictly a Lojbanic (default/natural) script.)
cmavo-compound quantified selbri: is final among; convert all to ordinal selbri; x1 is last among x2, rule x3.
experimental cmavo unary mathematical operator: identity function id(a) = a Outputs whatsoever value is inputted. A trivial function that is actually of some importance. See also: dubyfancu.
cmavo-compound evidential: avoiding stereotypes... See sei'i, lemkai, kesri, le'e
cmavo-compound na'e jalge modal, 2nd place (event causal); results regardless of ... Cf. na'e, se, jalge.
experimental cmavo mekso unary operator: the result of the logistic function applied to/at a; 1/(1+\operatorname {e}^(-a)), where \operatorname {e} is the natural base
cmavo-compound quantified selbri: convert many to cardinal; x1 is a set with many members x2 of total set x3.
experimental cmavo almost none/almost no/almost nowhere (technical sense): the subset of satisfactory such things is null Can be used as a quantifier. See also: soi'a, pisoi'u
cmavo-compound quantified selbri: convert 9 to ordinal selbri; x1 is ninth among x2 ordered by rule x3.