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experimental cmavo digit/number: Khinchin's constant K_0 = 2.6854520010… See also: vi'ei'e, fi'u, te'o
experimental cmavo Loglan toggle: Toggles text to TLI Loglan; marks following text as TLI Loglan. The proposal also includes an experimental Loglan Little word ``hoa'' (which toggles text to Lojban).
experimental cmavo elliptical/unspecified/vague single-symbol (general) Might mean either bo'e (BY) or xo'e (PA), or any other single-symbol selma'o elliptical.
obsolete cmavo mekso operator: the bth branch of the (possibly multivalued) function a According to convention or by explicit definition in the discourse. Default is b=1.
experimental cmavo extent of truth As described here: http://balance.wiw.org/~jkominek/lojban/9511/msg00430.html, where the proposed word is xi'i and the selma'o is XI
experimental cmavo bridi to sumti: marks the beginning of a subordinate bridi; the whole construct is a sumti referring to the enclosed bridi Terminator: ku'au
experimental cmavo naturalistic interjection: a controlled, focused breathing technique (used for coping, as with pain, fear, etc.) (Commonly used in some guides to giving birth.) Essentially onomatopoeic.
cmavo forethought nonce-word indicator; indicates next word is nonce-creation and may be nonstandard. Compare zi'a, pe'a, xo'o
experimental cmavo mekso binary operator: right-handed vectorial cross product (ordered input), a×b Generally noncommutative; right-handed in three dimensions. See also: du'ei
gismu rafsi: zar zau x1 approves of/gives favor to plan/action x2 (object/event). See also cmavo list zau, natfe.
cmavo-compound again; in addition to the first time; for the "more"-th time See krefu, rapli
cmavo-compound quantified selbri: convert 7 to ordinal selbri; x1 is seventh among x2 ordered by rule x3.
experimental cmavo mathematical operator: the empty/null [one sense]/trivial [one sense]/blank operator Arity is context-dependent. Induced structure is /probably/ empty/trivial [one sense] as well.
experimental cmavo elliptical/unspecified/vague string/text/word In numbers/mekso, produces a string of single-symbols or digits (not considered as a single entity, but a concatenated sequence of those symbols).
experimental cmavo location tense relation/direction (angular); counterclockwise from..., locally leftwards/to the left of ... See also: zucna, du'oi.
experimental cmavo typically what? Ask what zu'i in the place means. From zu'i + ma. It will be usually used to learn brivla.