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lujvo x1=l1 is a list of structure words x2=l2=c1 of class(es) x5=c2 of language x6=c3 in order x3=l3 in medium x4=l4. Cf. cmavo, liste, vlaste, vlacku, gimste, jvoste
gismu rafsi: mun smu x1 is a meaning/interpretation of x2 recognized/seen/accepted by x3. Referential meaning (=selsni, snismu). See also jimpe, sinxa, valsi, tanru, gismu, lujvo, cmavo, jufra.
fu'ivla x1 is the "ce ki tau jau" dialect of Lojban, used by x2 to communicate x3 (si'o/du'u) Place structure based on bangu. Refers to a dialect of Lojban that swaps certain longer, common, cmavo with shorter, rarer, cmavo: see http://mw.lojban.org/papri/ce_ki_tau_jau. Use of this dialect can be marked with "jo'au tcekitaujau". Also see tcekitaujei.
cmavo attitudinal: effort - no special effort - repose. See also gunka, slunandu, guksurla, troci, selprogunka.
experimental cmavo vocative: slightly piratical greetings See also xai, coi, co'oi, o'ai. This is an u'ivla from "ahoy".
experimental cmavo discursive suffix: attaches to number. "I expect with probability..." Takes a number before it. "pimu ba'ai" = "I expect with probability 0.5". See kanpe, ba'a, lakne, la'a
gismu rafsi: bas x1 replaces/substitutes for/instead of x2 in circumstance x3; x1 is a replacement/substitute. See also cmavo list ba'i, binra.
experimental cmavo preserve formal interpretation of mekso subexpression with no substitutions made In a sense, "converts" an expression from one that has been tampered with in any way to exactly what was uttered in the first place. See: http://mw.lojban.org/papri/Proposal:_distinguishing_digits_from_numbers#Avoiding_the_.22.22D.22_Equals_.229.22.22_hole
experimental cmavo attitudinal: silliness - maturity Expresses silliness, similar to one sense of ":P" (another sense being "zo'o"). What the speaker said is intended to be interpreted as being silly (not necessarily the same as humorous). Based on bebna and zo'o. See also zo'o, bebna
experimental cmavo naturalistic interjection: used to express a fit of overwhelming or uncontrollable laughter; the stereotypical 'evil laugh' Additional -'a syllables may be added as desired. See u'i, le'o, xa'a, cmila, palci
experimental cmavo elliptical/unspecified truth value; "maybe, maybe not" cau'i, but in NA. Indicates unspecificity or uncertainty between ja'a and na. See cau'e.
experimental cmavo elliptical/unspecified scalar modifier: "maybe, maybe not", modifies next selbri-unit or tag cau'i, but in NAhE. Shortened from cau'o'e. See cau'a.
experimental cmavo pro-bridi: the universal predicate See also: zai'o (pro-sumti; empty), gai'o (pro-bridi; empty), mai'i (pro-sumti; universal), ctaipe.
experimental cmavo unary mex operator: n-set; maps a nonnegative integer 'a' to the set \{1, \dots ,a\} (the intersection of the set of all natural numbers with the closed ordered interval [1,a] such that a \geq1) 0 maps to the empty set.
gismu rafsi: ci'u x1 (si'o) is a scale of units for measuring/observing/determining x2 (state). See also cmavo list ci'u, gradu, merli, cimde, manri.
experimental cmavo Combination of {coi} and {co'o}, indicating either greetings or partings according to context. The scalar negated forms of this COI are apparently identical to its positive form. cf. coi, co'o, rinsa, tolrinsa.