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experimental cmavo pronoun: the referent of the last utterance Equivalent to la'edi'u or lo su'u go'i; compounds considered common enough in usage statistics to deserve a shortening.
cmavo-compound specific event descriptor: contraction of {le nu} and identical in meaning. Added because beginners often search for lenu without realizing that it is the same as le nu and getting confused.
experimental cmavo unevaluated mekso as name. Where "la broda brode" is to "la'e lu broda brode" as "li'ai by cy" is to "la'e me'o by cy". See also li, me'o, la, la'e.
cmavo veridical descriptor: the one(s) that really is(are) ... Terminated with ku. Under the xorlo reform, lo converts a selbri to a sumti in a rather generic way. In particular, lo broda = zo'e noi broda.
cmavo-compound event descriptor: contraction of {lo nu} and identical in meaning. Added because beginners often search for lonu without realizing that it is the same as lo nu and getting confused.
experimental cmavo Description clause: create a sumti from the enclosed bridi, describing the referent of the created sumti as filling the bridi place filled with {ke'a}. Notes: Full-bridi equivalent of lo. Terminator: ku'au.
experimental cmavo digit/number: Meissel-Mertens constant M ≈ 0.2614972128476427837554268386086958590516… The limiting difference of the harmonic series summed over only the positive prime natural numbers less than or equal to n and the natural logarithm of the natural logarithm of n, as n -> ∞.
experimental cmavo turns number into pro-sumti: the abstraction described by the utterance denoted by that number and {mai} E.g. {mai'o pa} refers to the events or statements described earlier with pamai. Use lu'e to refer to the text. See goi'e, mai
experimental cmavo mathematical operator: vague/elliptical/general/generic operator Arity is context-dependent. Properties and structure are context-dependent or vague. See also: xo'e, zi'a'o. Preferred over ma'e'o.
experimental cmavo Convert abstract predicate sumti back to predicate Has an inverse: me'ei. Essentially synonymous with ckaji. Differences: ckaji2 is unary whereas the me'au-predicate can have any arity; me'au is in ME.
experimental cmavo mekso n-ary operator: interleave sequences Given the ordered input of m sequences a_i wherein the jth term is a_(i,j), the output is a sequence z with the nth term z_n = a_(n % m, 1 + (n - n % m)/m), where "n % m" is the remainder of division/modulus of n by m.
experimental cmavo Accepts any number of sumti and turns them into a selbri-unit that means "x1 is among the referents of these sumti". See me, menre, cmima. Elidable terminator: mei'o
experimental cmavo non-Lojban brivla Quick way to borrow foreign words into Lojban. Also known as "stage-0 fu'ivla". Equivalent to me'au la'e zo'oi. See mu'oi.
experimental cmavo we; several people including one of the speakers; I (the speaker) and at least one another person (even if that person is one of the speakers too) English "we". mi'a, mi'o and ma'a are more specific cases of mi'ai.
experimental cmavo inclusive we; includes the speaker (I) and the listener (you), but may or may not include others May mean mi'o or ma'a, but never mi'a. Also see mi'ai.
experimental cmavo Converts PA into tense; in [number (usually nonspecific)] possible worlds/alternate histories where [sumti (du'u)] is true Includes what "may have happened" if the past were different from the actual past. See ba'oi