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gismu rafsi: ca'i x1 has authority/is an official in/on/over matter/sphere/persons x2 derived on basis x3. See also turni, tutra, krati, cmavo list ca'i, jaspu, pulji.
experimental cmavo modifier / discursive: elliptical affirmative; "maybe, maybe not" Elliptical NAI/CAI. "Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe somewhere in between". Can also modify attitudinals: uicau'i = "Maybe I'm happy, maybe I'm sad". See ju'ocu'i, ju'acu'i, ju'oinai, cau'a, cau'e, na'i, ge'e
obsolete cmavo mekso 4-nary operator: spherical harmonics on colatitudinal/polar angle a and azimuthal/longitudinal angle b of unassociated order c and associated order d. Usually denoted Y^m_l (\theta, \phi). The Condon-Shortley phase must be prepended to the definition. The normalization is chosen so that the integral over all (solid) angles of Y^m_l(\Omega) conj(Y^n_k(\Omega) = \delta(m,n) \delta(l,k).
experimental cmavo Converts following cmevla or zoi-quote into psychomime. Narrower term than tai'i. See also ci'o, cinmo, sa'ei, ki'ai. Examples in some languages. jpn: そわそわ (sowasowa): restlessly. nep: सुखदुख (sukhadukha): lit. happiness-sorrow; the human condition. eng: "zing", "yoink"
gismu rafsi: ki'i x1 is related to/associated with/akin to x2 by relationship x3. See also cmavo list ki'i, ponse, srana, steci, mapti, sarxe, fange.
gismu rafsi: cau x1 is without/lacking/free of/lacks x2; x1 is x2-less. See also cmavo list cau, cirko, kunti, nitcu, pindi, banzu.
lujvo x1=k1 is a spokesperson of/speaks on behalf of x2=k2=c1, saying x3=c2 to x4=c3 via expressive medium x5=c4. cf. cusku, krati, cmavo list ka'i
experimental cmavo in the Nth century. na'arctodetri modal. ex.) lo ratni jbama cu co'a zvati lo terdi de'i'a li reno (The atomic bomb has been on the Earth since the 20th century.) See also de'i; de'i'e, de'i'i, de'i'o, de'i'u.
experimental cmavo on the Nth day of the month. ma'irdeidetri modal. ex.) mi cliva lo gugde de'i'o li cino (I will leave the country on the 30th.) See also de'i; de'i'a, de'i'e, de'i'i, de'i'u.
experimental cmavo on the Nth day of the week. jefydeidetri modal. ex.) lo karni cu co'a gubni de'i'u li ci (The journal is published on Wednesday.) See also de'i; de'i'a, de'i'e, de'i'i, de'i'o.
experimental cmavo discursive & gafyzmico: ignore/kill all following default specifications (permanently) Hereinafter, no terbri will have any default specification unless explicitly given one in the discourse or unless the "official" definition default value is referenced explicitly by the appropriate pro-sumti. See also: dai'o, zmico, gafyzmico, da'o.
cmavo-compound tense: right here; refers to current spatial reference absolutely *Note: Not currently accepted by grammar parsers.* It may be desirable to separate the spatial and time senses of the word nau; this is one proposed solution. Alternative: bu'u nau'u. See zva'ati, ca'abna
experimental cmavo Prefix division by following unit selbri Cf. pi'ai, te'ai, fi'u. Essentially attaches "te'ai ni'u pa" to all subsequent unit-selbri in the tanru. E.g. "pi'ai ki'otre fei'u cacra" = "pi'ai ki'otre cacra te'ai ni'u pa" = "kilometers per hour"; "pi'ai mitre fei'u snidu snidu" = meters per second per second. May even be used without pi'ai: "fei'u snidu" = reciprocal of the second / hertz
experimental cmavo assign sentence or tu'e...tu'u group to sumti Works like cei'e, but assigns the abstraction involving the associated sentence(s) to a sumti variable. E.g. (goi'e ko'a mi tavla do) assigns (lo su'u mi tavla do) to ko'a. Use lu'e on the assigned variable to refer to the text itself. See goi, cei
experimental cmavo generic algebra unit e_n The structure/space in which it is being considered should be specified. Subscripts are expected. Used for octonions, sedenions, etc. Can also be used for R, C, or H. Works like ka'o (as a comma) and is isomorphic to it. See also: ka'o, kai'o, kei'o, koi'o.
gismu rafsi: kor koi x1 is an edge/margin/border/curb/boundary of x2 next-to/bordering-on x3. See also cmavo list koi, greku, mlana, jimte, ctebi, bartu.