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xu do morji lo mi cmene
Do you remember my name?
zo'oi .maris. cu cmene lo mi tixnu
My daughter's name is Mary.
e'a do te cmene mi zo .bob.
You can call me Bob.
ma cmene le patfu be do
What is your father's name?
coi do mi se cmene zo adam
Hello to you. I am called "Adam".
ju'i lo nixli ma cmene do
Hey, girl, what is your name?
lujvo x1 is anonymous to x2; x1 lacks a name to system/person x2 x1=cmene2=claxu1, x2=cmene3. See cmene, claxu
cmavo cmene modal, 1st place (requires quote) with name ...; so-called ...
cmavo-compound cmene modal, 2nd place (the named one) as a name for ...
cmavo-compound cmene modal, 3rd place as a name used by ...
experimental cmavo cmene quote; quotes arbitrary number of adjacent cmevla or one selbri.
loi rirni cu te cmene lo cifnu be ri la.akiran.
The parents named their baby Akira.
lo nu morji lo cmene be ra cu nandu
His name is very difficult to remember.
ra te cmene lo bersa be ri zo djeimyz
He called his son James.
lo cmene be lo finti cu slabu mi
The author's name is familiar to us.
lo ko'a patfu cu te cmene ko'a zo tom.
His dad calls him Tom.