lojbo jufsisku
Lojban sentence search

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lujvo g1=v3 registers c2 with user-name c1 on system/application c3. Cf. cmene, vreji, gasnu, cmiveigau, cmisau, plivei, plicme, japyvla.
lujvo s1=c1 is logged into system/application s2=c2. Cf. cmima, slabu, cmeveigau, plivei, plicme, japyvla.
lujvo g1=v3 registers c1 as a member of c2, registration preserved in medium x3=v4. Cf. cmima, vreji, gasnu, cmeveigau, cmisau, plivei.
lujvo v1=j1 is a password [issued to]/[used by] j2 (person), issued/confirmed by authority j3 allowing j4 (activity), in language v3. Cf. jaspu, valsi, plicme, snura, cmisau, cmeveigau.
lujvo c1 is the user-name/pseudonym/pen-name of c2=p1 for use with/by resource c3=p2 for purpose p3. Cf. pilno, cmene, cmisau, cmeveigau, japyvla.
lujvo v1 is a log/record of data v2 (nu/du'u) about v3=p1's use of resource p2 for purpose p3 recorded in medium v4. Cf. pilno, vreji, cmisau, cmeveigau.