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cmevla God. Cf. cevni, jegvon, jegvo, muslo, xebro, xriso.
cmevla The Judeo-Christian-Muslim God. (cf. cevni, jegvo, xebro, xriso, muslo, cev)
cmevla x1 is Capricornus [astronomical constellation]/Capricorn [astrological sign]. From goat (=kanba). Capricornus is Latin for "horned male goat" or "goat horn". Anyway, both male and female of the genus Capra have horns.
experimental cmavo Converts following selbri, cmevla, or zoi-quote into a nonce interjection/attitudinal. See sa'ei, ci'oi, tai'i. From krixa
cmevla Mom/Mum The rafsi for mamta used as a familiar name. See also paf, bes, tix, bun, mes.
obsolete cmevla Moscow Cf. moskov. Lojbanized pronunciations of the Russian capital are: 'masKVA'(Russian, but KV combination is invalid in lojban), 'mosiKY' (Chinese Mandarin; there is no 'v' in Chinese and 'f' is unusual except at the beginning of a word) and 'mosko' or 'moskau' in English.
cmevla Sister Cf. mensi, bun, mam, paf, bes, tix.
cmevla Dad The rafsi for patfu used as a familar name. See also mam, bes, tix, bun, mes.
cmevla x1 is Pisces [constellation/astrological sign]. From re, finpe. The constellation is commonly represented as two fish, each of which is tied to the same point by a long length of string. The fish are connected at the tails.
experimental cmavo Converts following cmevla or zoi-quote into onomatopoeia. (bam! crash! kapow! etc.) Narrower term than tai'i. See also sance, ci'oi, ki'ai.
cmevla name: "Someone", aka "the god of lazy people", used when the speaker is pushing responsibility to someone else unspecified See datpre, ei, bilga, nitcu, sarcu // Native-Lojban variant: {la dzapre} / {la su'oda}
cmevla x1 is Gemini [astronomical constellation/astrological sign]. From twin/triplet/quadruplet (=tarbykansa). In Babylonian astronomy these stars are known as the Great Twins and are in greece associated with the myth of Castor and Pollux.
cmevla Tartarus In classic mythology Tartarus is a deep, gloomy place, a pit, or an abyss used as a dungeon of torment and suffering that resides beneath the underworld. See also Hades (=xades), Hel (=xel).
cmevla Daughter Cf. tixnu, bes, mes, bun, mam, paf.
cmevla used to express pondering; thoughtful humming noise Use ki'ai to turn this into part of a grammatical utterance. (ki'ai .xm.) Also see xy'y, pensi.
gismu rafsi: cme me'e x1 (quoted word(s)) is a/the name/title/tag of x2 to/used-by namer/name-user x3 (person). Also: x2 is called x1 by x3 (= selcme for reordered places). See also cmavo list me'e, gismu, tcita, valsi, judri. Historically used to describe words in the Lojban morphological class allocated for use with proper nouns; this sense has been deprecated in favor of cmevla.