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gismu rafsi: mi'a x1 laughs (emotional expression). x1 laughs at x2 (= mi'afra). See also ckasu, frumu, xajmi, cisma.
ma cmila
Who's laughing?
ro do pu cmila
Everyone laughed.
ko cmila gi'e plana
Laugh and be fat.
za'u sonci pu cmila
The soldiers laughed.
ko na cmila ku'i
Just don't laugh.
ra pu co'a cmila
She started laughing.
ra pu co'a mutce cmila
He burst into laughter.
so'o lo nixli pu cmila
Some of the girls laughed.
i ri ro roi cmila
And she always laughs.
mu'ima lo ta verntineidja cu cmila
Why are these teenagers laughing?
cmevla used to express giggling See also cmila
xu no drata be lo remna ka'e cmila
Can only humans laugh?
mi pu ze'i ji'isre lo du'u la .tom. pu pu'o co'a cmila
I thought for a moment Tom was going to start laughing.
le prenu pu spuda lo se friti be le fetsi lo ka cmila
The person responded to her offer with laughter.
mi pu carmi cmila i ja'e bo mi na ru'e jai se torni lo xedja
I was laughing so hard that I nearly dislocated my jaw.