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lujvo co1=ci1 hurts emotionally due to ci3. Cf. cortu, cinmo, cnixai, jgicro, badri, ckeji.
so'uroi cnicro lo nu sacysku
Sometimes telling the truth hurts.
lujvo xr1 offends xr2=c1 affecting emotion c2 (ka) about c3 resulting in xr4 (state). Cf. cinmo, xrani, cnicro, jgicro.
lujvo c1=j1 is offended/[feels hurt pride] about j2 (abstraction). Cf. jgira, cortu, cnicro, cnixai.
lujvo x1=r1 (event) moves/touches x2=c1 (person), causing emotion x3=c2 about object of emotion x4=c3 with causation conditions x5=r3; x1=r1 (event) is moving/touching. Cf. cnicro.