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gismu rafsi: nin ni'o x1 is new/unfamiliar/novel to observer x2 in feature x3 (ka) by standard x4; x1 is a novelty. See also nuzba, slabu, citno, se djuno.
It's new.
cnino nanca
It's a new year.
na'e cnino
It isn't new.
ra cnino
That's new.
ma cnino
Which is new?
mi cnino tadni
I am a new student.
da pu cnino cukta
It was a new book.
ti cnino karce
This is a new type of car.
ue cu'i ma cnino
So what's new?
mi nitcu lo cnino skami
I need a new computer.
loi cnino ckafi bazi gubni
Fresh coffee will be ready in a minute.
xu le pixra cu cnino
Is it a recent picture?
lo vi dinju cu cnino
This building is new.
gleki ke cnino nanca di'ai
Happy New Year!
lo cukta cu na cnino
The book is not new.