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cmavo rafsi: co'a interval event contour: at the starting point of ...; initiative >|< |.
co'a pelxu
It's turning yellow.
le plise co'a fusra
The apple has begun to decay.
ko co'a sipna
Go to sleep.
ra co'a sanli
He stood up.
mi co'a xagji
I'm getting hungry.
mi co'a jimpe
I understand now.
ra co'a sanga
She began to sing.
ko'a na'o co'a fengu
It is quite natural for her to get angry.
xu da co'a morsi
Did someone die?
e'apei mi co'a citka
May I begin to eat?
mi za'ure'u co'a speni
I got married again.
mi pu co'a fengu
I got mad.
co'a dei'a ru'e desku
The shaking began to slowly get less.
ko co'a klama
Go now.
mi pu co'a cikna
I woke up