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i xu do na gleki lo nu le bruna co'a speni
You are not happy that the gets married?
i au gau mi re do co'a slabu lo lanzu be mi
I'd like you to get to know my family.
la mark pu bredi lo nu klama kei co'a lo pamoi djedi
Mark had been ready to go from the first day.
.isemu'ibo ca pa donri la teris. co'a dzukla le barda tcadu
So one day, Terry started to walk to the big city.
co'a le cerni la teris. klamu'o le zarci di'o le tcadu korbi
In the morning, Terry arrived at the marketplace which was at the edge of the city.
ca lo bavlamdei be lo nu mi tsuku vau mi co'a ganse lo cizra
On the day following my arrival I started feeling something strange.
lo jurme co'a xabju lo canti be lo cifnu ba zi lo nu ri jbena
Bacteria colonize the intestines of a child soon after it is born.
mi pu setca lo cfine lo loldi te zu'e lo nu lo vorme co'a kalri
I drove the wedge into the floor so that the door was open.
ma se cinri lo nu ca ma kau le fetsi co'a speni
Who cares when she gets married?
lo mi pendo co'a cnino mi lo ka kakne lo ka zgipli lo pipno
My friend appeared new to me in being able to play the piano.
lo danmo be lo noi ca'o jelca vau tricu co'a denmi
The smoke from the burning trees is becoming dense.
i fi'o suksa co'a gusni bu'u lo darno i ba bo le gusni cu canci
Suddenly a light appeared far away and then the light disappeared.
la kevin cu mutce lo ka entuzi lo ka co'a se jibri lo cnino
Kevin is very enthusiastic about getting a new job.
i ba bo le verba co'a gunro lo salpo mo'i ni'a fi lo cutne
And then the child started rolling down the slope rotating around his chest.
mi jgira lo nu do co'a kakne lo ka zgipli lo pipno
I am proud that you are now able to play the piano.
lo krati be lo turni bei lo ka gubni te ckini co'a tavla loi se natmi
A representative of the governor in public relations started talking to the nation.