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lo latna co'a me lo flora poi se panci lo pluka
The lotus turns into a flower with a pleasant scent.
co'a lo ka jbena vau lo mirli cu kakne lo ka sanli
A baby deer can stand as soon as it is born.
lo toldi poi cpare lo flora pe lo loldi co'a se plita lo melbi
Butterflies creeping along the flowers formed a beautiful plane.
le nakni pu co'a speni lo ninmu poi pu se penmi bu'u lo zarci
He married a girl met in the store.
li cy so my ci no tcika lo nu lo zarci co'a akti
Shops start working at 9:30
mi'ai krici lodu'u lo nu co'a morsi cu se tcika li re pi'e reno ba lo djedi midju
We believe the time of death was 2:20 p.m.
ca lo nu lo tcadu co'a zifre kei lo prenu cu sanli vi'i lo klaji gi'e renro lo slaplespi
When the city was liberated, people lined the streets throwing confetti.
co'i lo ka lafti lo stedu vau lo fetsi labno pu co'a cmoni i sefabo sinxa fi loi verba labno
Amazingly heads turned to the female wolves as they began to howl. It was a sign of younger wolves.
mi'o za'ure'u ru'u cadzu i mi'o ca lo nu le te batci za'o se cortu cu co'a xanka
We walked around some more and when the bite kept hurting, we began to worry.
.ijebo ty. co'a sipna di'o le loldi ca'o le nu my. klama le bartu mu'i le nu kelci
and Terry went to sleep on the floor, while Mooli went oustide to play.
mi co'a catni lo ka te cange ti vau lo ka te permite mi lo patfu be mi
The authority to be a farmer on this land has been given to me by my father.
li my pa dy pa ze ny re no pa mu detri lo nu mi co'a tadni la lojban
January 17, 2015 is the date when I started studying Lojban.
le nakni mo'u co'a jgari lo stedu be la alis se pi'o lo xance be le nakni
He grasped Alice's head with his hand.
mi pu zgana loi prenu je ba co'a sanli i ba bo mi pu muvdu fa'a lei prenu
I noticed a crowd and stood up. After that, I moved into the direction of the crowd.
li cy pa no my mu sy re ze tcika le nu le jakne co'a vofli vau la nipon
10:05:27 (Japanese timezone) is when the rocket started the flight.
lujvo co1 is a/the anterior (zootomy)/cranial/cephalic end (anatomy)/superior end (human anatomy) of body/object cl1; co1 (subevent) is at the starting point of long event/time-intervall cl1. Metaphor: A tree grows in its long direction, with the roots as its starting point (co'a) and the crown as its ending point (co'u). Standard anatomical term to avoid ambiguity. In vertebrate usually the head, in invertebrate the end with a mouth (or equivalent structure), or the end that usually points in the direction of the organism's locomotion. See also anterior/superior absolute position (claco'uklo), anterior/superior relative position (claco'umau), posterior/inferior end (claco'u), anteroposterior (A-P) axis (selcla), ventral/anterior end (befco'u), dorsal/posterior end (tolbefco'u).