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lujvo co1 is a/the anterior (zootomy)/cranial/cephalic end (anatomy)/superior end (human anatomy)/fore/bow (nautical)/nose (skateboard etc), of body/object cl1; co1 (subevent) is at the ending point of long event/time-intervall cl1. Metaphor: A tree grows in its long direction, with the roots as its starting point (co'a) and the crown as its ending point (co'u). Standard anatomical term to avoid ambiguity, but not restricted to anatomical objects. In vertebrate usually the head, in invertebrate the end with a mouth (or equivalent structure), or the end that usually points in the direction of the organism's locomotion. In most animals the same as the front (=craraipau), but in humans the same as the top (=gapraipau). See also anterior/superior absolute position (claco'uklo), anterior/superior relative position (claco'umau), posterior/inferior end (claco'a), anteroposterior (A-P) axis (selcla), ventral/anterior end (befco'u), dorsal/posterior end (tolbefco'u/bekpyco'u).
lo du'u ma kau ni lo nu la .tom. co'a cikna cu clira na banzu lo du'u ty. klama fu lo pa moi trene
Tom didn't get up early enough to catch the first train.
lo prenu poi nanca li su'o po'o pa bi cu se krali lo ka co'a speni vau lo jecta be lo vi gugde
People of not less than 18 years only have a right to marry under the polity of this country.
ba zi lo nu lo vorme co'a kalri vau le nakni pu klama lo nenri tai lo nu mi'a ca'o denpa tu'a le nakni
As soon as the door opened, he got in as if we were waiting for him.
ke'u la lojban cu ralju lo se lifri larcu be lo remna i je li'a lo go'i cu rinka lo nu le nu larcu cu jdika lo ni sutra i tai bo lo tsunami co'a mo'u klama lo xamsi korbi
Once again, Lojban is at the forefront of human creative experience - which, of course, will slow it down even as it strengthens it, like a tsunami as it approaches a shoreline.
i ku'i co'i ma lo cevni nu zukte cu punji lo pruxi lo fukpi tarbi pe ne'i lo cipra tu'urvau i xu go'i co'i sai lo nu co'a bu'u jmive
But when would divine intervention place a soul in a cloned fertilized egg in a test tube? Would this occur at the exact moment when life begins therein?
la brest co'a se jibri ca lo cedra be lo nu lo clani lenjo cu jai zabna tcaci i ku'i by ca'o pilno ly za'o lo nu ly co'u jai zantcaci
Brest started his career during an era when long lenses were all the rage, but he's kept using them beyond the point where they ceased to be fashionable.
ra co'a krixa lu .iicai lo tirxu pu citka le bersa be mi .i doi pulji ko sidju .i ko sidju .i doi pulji .i tirxu .i tirxu .i ko sidju li'u gi'e to'o bajra
She cried out, "Aaaah! A tiger has eaten my son! Police, help! Help! Police! Tiger! Tiger! Help!" and ran out.
lo'e nanba cu farvi lo bredi lo te zbasu lo nu co'a mixre lo purmo ce lo matne ce lo sovda ce lo sakta vau ce'o lo nu glare ce'o lo nu satre vo'a lo matne
One makes a standard cake from raw materials by mixing flour, butter, eggs and sugar together, then heating, then greasing the cake with butter, and after that, it is ready.
lo tsani pu tarci ckaji je cu carmi i tai bo fau lo nu da catlu ty vau da co'a retsku fi lo nei fe lo se du'u xukau lo se ke xlali je cunso cnitcini ke'e prenu ka'e xabju ni'a le tai tsani
The sky was so starry, so bright that, looking at it, one could not help asking oneself whether ill-humoured and capricious people could live under such a sky.