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experimental cmavo vocative: slightly surprised greetings See also coi, co'oi. This is an u'ivla.
mi djica lo nu na cusku zo coi
I want to not say hi.
lo mi mensi pu na cusku zo coi
My sister did not say "Hello".
coi .i pe'u ko cliva .i zipu'o nunjmaji lu'omi'a
Hi, could you move? We're about to have a meeting here.
coi do i do ca jai gau mo
Hey, you! What are you doing?
ko cusku zo coi lo me do mamta seba'i mi
Say hello to your mum for me.
coi mi'e la tomokos satos ne lo ponjygugde
Hello, I'm Tomoko Sato from Japan.
coi do mi djica lo nu do sidju mi
Hello. I want you to help me.
coi do la .alis. la .doris. pu cliva
Hello! Alice left Doris.
.ui coi do la .alis. la .doris. pu cliva
Yay, Hello! Alice left Doris.
mi ba ciska lu coi munje li'u lo pelji
I will write "Hello, world!" on the paper.
mi pu cusku lu coi lo pendo li'u
I said "Hello, friends!"
coi la kevin i mi'e nai la kevin
Hello, Kevin - I'm not Kevin.
experimental cmavo marks word/construct as being optional, i.e. the bridi would still be both grammatical AND reflect the speakers opinion/intention would the marked construct be left out coi fu'e li'oi la fu'o selpa'i would semantically expand to coi la selpa'i and coi selpa'i meaning that both a person named selpa'i and a beloved one is being greeted (both being the same person).
experimental cmavo vocative: slightly piratical greetings See also xai, coi, co'oi, o'ai. This is an u'ivla from "ahoy".
gismu x1 (agent) greets/hails/[welcomes/says hello to]/responds to arrival of x2 in manner x3 (action). (cf. friti for welcome/hospitality, cmavo list coi, cmavo list co'o)