lojbo jufsisku
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ko'a pu cpedu lo nu do sisku
She asked for your help.
ko'a roroi cpedu lo selji'i be do
He always asks for your opinion.
cmavo attitudinal: request - negative request. See also cpedu, pikci.
mi cpedu fi ko'a fe lo nu sidju mi
I asked him to help me.
e'o ko cpedu fi la tom fe lo nu nalki'asku
Please ask Tom not to shout.
mi pu cpedu fi ko'a fe lo ka sidju
I asked him for a favor.
mi pu cpedu lo nu la .ken. cu sidju mi
I asked Ken to help me.
mi pu cpedu re tcati .e ci ckafi
I ordered two teas and three coffees.
mi pu zukte lo nu se cpedu fai mi
I did what I was asked.
do pu cpedu lo nu mi zukte ra
You told me to do that.
ko cpedu fi la tom fe lo ka ciksi
Ask Tom to explain it.
.e'u go do da djica gi ko da mi cpedu
If there is anything you want, don't hesitate to ask me.
fau lo nu do djica vau ko cpedu fi mi
If you want, ask me.
lujvo x1 ask each other for/request from each other x2 in manner/form x3 cpedu simxu
fu'ivla x1 asks/requests x2 to do/be x3 See also .e'o, cpedu
lujvo c1 calls/summons c3=k1 to location k2 in manner/form c4. Cf. cpedu.