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fu'ivla x1 is a formal polynomial with coefficients x2 (ordered list) of degree x3 over structure/ring x4 (to which coefficients x2 all belong) and in indeterminant x5 If x2 is presented as an ordered list, the entries represent the 'coefficients' of the particular polynomial and are specified in the order such that the ith entry/term is the (i-1)th 'coefficient' for all natural numbers i between 1 and n+1 inclusively; thus, the first entry is the constant term (when treated as a function), the second term is the coefficient of the argument of x5 (when treated as a function), and the nth term is the coefficient of the argument of x5 exponentiated by (n-1). See also: tefsujme'o (polynomial function)
lujvo m1 is a polynomial function in variable t2=s2 of degree (maximum power with nonzero coefficient) t3 interpreted by rules m2 m2 can include (but is not limited to) information about the underlying formal polynomial and/or ring of definition, steps of addition series (which terms are being summed), and input domain of the function. t2 is a variable of input (no longer an indeterminant, as it is for the underlying formal polynomial). See also: cpolinomi'a