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lo xanto cu se ke clani nazbi
An elephant has a long nose.
lo nazbi be lo xanto cu clani
An elephant has a long nose.
ro prenu cu djica lo nu panpi
There is no one who doesn't desire peace.
lo karce cu bancu lo sutra selbancu
The car is exceeding the speed limit.
loi spati cu se xrani lo bisli
The plants were damaged by the frost.
ua o'u lo cuntu cu se snada
I was relieved to know that the operation was a success.
lo mensi be do cu ca mo
What is your sister doing now?
ro jmive cu mrobi'o ca da
All living things die some day.
lo patfu be mi cu banli litru
My father is a great traveler.
so'u bloti cu zvati lo lalxu
There are a few boats on the lake.
doi taros lo ctesai cu bredi
Taro, dinner's ready!
lo va karce cu selpo'e ra
That is his car.
lo nanla noi va limna cu mo
Who's the boy swimming over there?
lo mi patfu cu klama lo jungo
My father is going to China.
lo cifnu cu smaji ze'e lo nicte
The baby was quiet all night.
lo bakni cu citka lo srasu
Cows eat grass.