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gismu rafsi: cku x1 is a book containing work x2 by author x3 for audience x4 preserved in medium x5. [x1 is a manifestation/container A physical object or its analogue. of a work/content, not necessarily using paper (= selpapri)]; See also cfika, prina, prosa, tcidu, papri.
lo cukta cu cmalu
The book is small.
le cukta cu barda
The book is big.
le cukta cu blabi
The book is white.
mi jgari lo cukta
I'm holding a book.
ti mutce cmalu cukta
This is a very small book.
ko'a ciska lo cukta
He writes books.
ko'a te cukta
He's an author.
ti cukta fi ma
Who wrote this book?
nelci lo vi cukta
He likes this book.
ca'o cukta tcidu
I was reading a book.
mi viska le cukta
I see the book.
mi viska lo cukta
I see a book.
da pu cnino cukta
It was a new book.
ralte du'e cukta
He has too many books.
ti cukta la .ingland.
This is a book about England.