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ma ponse lo ti cukta
Whose book is this?
.e'o do lebna lo cukta
Could you take the book, please?
experimental cmavo pro-sumti: this entire document/text Similar to dei, but refers to the entire text. See se uencu, se cukta
fu'ivla x1 is an essay (literary composition) about x2 See also cukta, larseku, papri
lujvo x1 is a book damaged by/website attacked by x2 in property x3 (ka). See also cukta, xrani.
lo tanxe pu culno lo cukta
The box was full of books.
lo tanxe pu vasru so'i cukta
The box was full of books.
ra tcidu lo va cukta mu roi
He read the story five times over.
mi xruti lo cukta lo ckusro
I returned the book to the library.
do ralte lo so'i vi cukta
You have all these books!
xu do ba'o tcidu le cukta
Have you finished reading that book yet?
ca lo prulamdei lo cukta cu selve'u
Yesterday the book was bought.
ca lo purlamdei mi terve'u lo cukta
Yesterday I bought a book.
ca lo prulamcte mi tcidu lo cukta
I read the book last night.
lo vi cukta na srana mi
This book isn't mine.
mi ralte so'o lo glico cukta
I have some English books.