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vo da poi gerku vau re de poi prenu zo'u da batci de
There are four "da" (that are dogs) and there are two "de" (that are men) such that each dog ("da") bites the two men ("de").
Leonardo da Vinci
cmavo rafsi: dav dza logically quantified existential pro-sumti: there exists something 1 (usually restricted).
experimental cmavo Contradictory negation of a predicate The quantifier negation laws can be stated as: naku ro da zo'u da broda .ijo [su'o] da zo'u da na'ei broda, naku [su'o] da zo'u da broda .ijo ro da zo'u da na'ei broda.
da minra
There's a mirror.
da jubme
There's a table.
da bartu
There's someone outside.
da nenri
There's someone inside.
lujvo b1=c2=da2 has hypertension / high blood pressure.
experimental cmavo universal plural quantifier. ``All.'' ``ro'oi da'' = ``na ku su'oi da na ku.'' cf. ro which is a universal singular quantifier.
experimental cmavo existential plural quantifier. ``There is/are.'' ``su'oi da'' = ``na ku ro'oi da na ku.'' cf. su'o which is an existential singular quantifier.
lujvo du1=da1 is too far/distant from da2 in property da3 (ka) by the standard of du3. Cf. darno, dukse.
da casnu lo ba selsa'a be da
They are talking about what they will sing.
ro da zo'u .e'a do da cinba
You may kiss anybody.
fu'ivla x1 (text) is a temporary name for x2 (text, object, event) chosen in such a way that it is not used for naming anything else within the current scope Also called 'gensym'. To express gensymmed da usually daxirau is used. See cmene, zasni
mi dejni no da
I am free of debt.