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ma stuzi da
Where is X?
ma pluta da
How do I get to X?
ci'i da te cuxna
There is an infinite number of possibilities.
da cinje lo bukpu
There are creases in the cloth.
mi se bruna da
I have a brother.
mi nelci ro da
I like everything.
da fenra lo bitmu
There is a crack in the wall.
ii da klama
Eek, there is someone coming!
xu da kunti jubme
Is there a free table?
da kevna lo drudi
There is a hole in the roof.
da mi'ai nabmi
We have a problem.
ti skori bi da
This cable consists of 8 filaments.
ti trene mu da
This train consists of 5 cars.
experimental cmavo impersonal pronoun; generic-you; generic-one; a generalized person See su'a, da'i, lo'e, do, da, zo'e
lujvo x1 (number) is the quantity of individual or plural specimens in the domain of discourse that satisfy the property x2 (plural quantification) See pavmeidza. While da quantifies uniquely over individuals, it is sometimes desired to quantifies over plurals as well.
experimental cmavo pro-sumti: forgetful something/memory-less da Functions as da does with respect to existential quantification. Each usage acts as though the scope of all previous usages have been closed/terminated (or that all assignments to the meaning of this word have been forgotten/erased/overridden/unassigned). Even within the same given scope, multiple usages of this word can refer to different things (with or without qualification) and are (modulo qualification) completely free in their reference sets absolutely and with respect to one another; of course, they can mean the same thing, but it is not necessary. Usage within prenexes is essentially pointless if intended to be used after the same. See also: da'o, da, kau'a, kau'e, kau'i, zo'e.