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gismu rafsi: dab da'a x1 fights/combats/struggles with x2 over issue x3 (abstract); x1 is a fighter/combatant. Use x3 tu'a for fight over an object/objective. See also bradi, gunta, talsa, darlu, fapro, jamna, sonci.
ko'oi ma'a co'u damba
Let's not argue anymore.
ko'a za'o damba lo terjda
He is still grappling with religious beliefs.
nu damba befi la berstici
The Battle for Wesnoth
la .tam. bredi lo nu damba
Tom is ready to fight.
mi xebni ro nu do damba
I hate it when you fight.
la tom ce mi pu su'ei damba
Tom and I had a fight.
la meris damba lo pendo be ri
Mary is fighting her friend.
do ce mi ce la alis pu damba zu'ai
You, I and A had a battle royale.
.i .e'o do na damba va'o lo nu rodo na kakne lo nu damba bau la .lojban.
Under the conditions of y'all not being able to fight in lojban, please don't fight.
mi pu damba lo mi mensi lo du'u ma kau klama ka'ai loi rirni
I fought with my sister of who would go with parents.
experimental cmavo shows that the first two places have a reciprocal relation 'mi do su'ei damba' is the same as 'mi do se xi vei pa .e re damba' and means "We fight with each other"
lujvo b1=d1 is a defensive building (castle, fortress etc.) for protection of b2 from b3 (enemies, danger). Cf. nolzda, damba, badbi'u.
lujvo s1 fight [each other] over issue d3 (abstract). Cf. damba, simxu, simda'a, da'asnu, dausnu, da'arta'a.
lujvo t1=d1 quarrels with t2=d2 about issue t3=d3 in language t4. Cf. damba, tavla, dausnu, da'arsi'u.
lujvo t1 is a fighting technique / martial art used under conditions t3 by d1. t2 subsumed. d2 and d3 not usually relevant to technique. Made from damba + tadji.