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gismu rafsi: mab x1 is a mammal/'animal'/beast of species x2. See also danlu, ladru, tatru, ractu, xanto, xarju.
lujvo x1=m1 is a zoo at x3=m3 with animals x2=m2=j1=d1. Cf. jmive, danlu, muzga
gismu x1 is a snake/serpent of species/breed x2. See also curnu, danlu, respa, vindu.
gismu x1 is an insect/arthropod of species x2; [bug/beetle]. See also civla, danlu, jalra, jukni, manti, sfani, toldi, bifce.
gismu rafsi: cpi x1 is a bird/avian/fowl of species x2. See also datka, gunse, jipci, nalci, pimlu, vofli, xruki, danlu.
lujvo c1 is a ranch at c2, of rancher c3 raising animals c4=d1. Cf. danlu, cange, jipci, bakni, xarju, ladru, sovda.
lujvo x1 is a eukaryote of species x2. An eukaryote is an organism whose cells contain complex structures enclosed within membranes. All species of large complex organisms are eukaryotes, including animals (=danlu), plants (=spati) and fungi (=mledi, although most species of eukaryote are protist microorganisms (=jurme).
lujvo d1=r1 is an animal of species d2 and not a human; d1=r1 is a non-human animal. Sometimes, in colloquial usage, the word “animal” is understood to exclude humans. “naryremda'u”, rather than “danlu” is the correct translation of it. See also: na, remna.