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gismu rafsi: dan x1 is a ballistic projectile [e.g. bullet/missile] for firing by [gun/propelling launcher] x2. Also cannonball, catapult stone, shot pellet(s). See also cecla, renro, jakne.
bolci danti cecla xarci
sei mi djuno do co'a ralte lo se danti
I know you've got a gun.
lo danti be lo cecla cu tsuku lo dinju
A bullet from a gun reached the house.
lujvo c1 is armor around c2 composed of c3 against opponent x4=d2. Cf. gunta, jamna, danti, jakne, xarci.
gismu x1 is a rocket [vehicle] propelled by jet expelling x2 carrying payload x3. See also cecla, danti, spoja.
gismu rafsi: rer re'o x1 throws/launches/casts/hurls x2 to/at/in direction x3 (propulsion derives internally to x1). (cf. cecla (more general term), danti)
lujvo d1 is a torpedo launched by d2. Cf. xamsi, danti, jbama, xasyjbama.
gismu rafsi: cel ce'a x1 launches/fires/shoots projectile/missile x2, propelled by x3 [propellant/propulsion]. Also: x1 is a gun/launcher/cannon; x1 hurls/throws/casts (more general than renro in that propulsion need not be internal to x1). See also renro, danti, jakne, jbama, spoja.