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gismu rafsi: dag x1 is a road/highway to x2 from x3 with route x4 (x2/x3 may be unordered). A regularly used, improved-for-use surface for travelling. See also naxle, tcana, pluta, klaji.
mi pu bu'u lo dargu
I was on the road.
da bisli vi'a lo dargu
There is ice on the road.
le dargu cu pulce culno
The road is dusty.
pu snime punli lo dargu
It was a clump of snow on the road.
ko carna fi lo pritu dargu
Take the road on the right.
lo gerku cu kuckla lo dargu
The dog goes across the road.
lo xotli cu ragve lo dargu
There's a hotel across the street.
lei tricu cu bargu lo dargu
The trees form an arch over the road.
ti cartu lo fange tcadu lo dargu
This is a map showing roads of an alien city.
lo dargu sefta cu vasru lo tapla
The road pavement contains tiles.
mi pu denpa bu'u lo te kruca be lo ralju dargu bei lo dertu dargu
I was waiting at the place where the main road is intersected by a dirt road.
lujvo x1 is a sidewalk of road x2. See also dargu, mlana, cadzu.
le barna be le kamju cu flalu barna le dargu
The mark on the pillar is a road sign.
le dargu cu jarki lo ka se pagbu ti
The road is narrow here.
lo vi dargu cu ki'otre li pa lo ka clani
This box is one kilometer in length.