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ra pu sanli bu'u lo midju be lo dargu
He was standing in the middle of the road.
le dargu cu minli li re lo ka ki'otre
The road is two kilometers long.
le dargu cu rotsu lo ka se pagbu ti
The road is thick here.
lo dargu cu sirji lo snanu ce lo berti
The road goes straight from the south to the north.
so'i da trene lo kumte la silka dargu
There are many camel caravans on the Silk Road.
lujvo k1=c2 is a footpath at k2 accessing k3. Cf. dargu, pluta, klama.
la djan. pu klama fo lo cripu gi'e pu pagre lo dargu
John walked over the bridge and crossed the road.
lo dargu cu se kruca lo pu ve klama be lo ractu
The road crossed the rabbit's track.
gismu rafsi: laj x1 is a street/avenue/lane/drive/cul-de-sac/way/alley/[road] at x2 accessing x3. Also corridor; not typically a route between points, but offers access to sites along it. See also naxle, panka, pluta, dargu.
gismu rafsi: nax xle x1 is a canal/channel to x2 from x3 with route x4. x2/x3 may be unordered. See also pluta, rirxe, klaji, dargu.
gismu x1 is a station/node of/in/on transport/communication/distribution system/network x2. x2 may be represented by massed vehicles of system. See also dargu, litru, pluta, trene, ciste, ve mrilu, tivni, cradi, ve benji, fonxa, dikca, fatri.
mi pu bevri lo patxu be lo nudle fu'e ta'o fi lo purdi fo lo nu jukpa vau kumfa fu lo rokci dargu fu'o
I carried a bowl of noodles (to the garden from the kitchen via a rocky road).
loi enge pu darlu lo nu lo dargu cu se stuzi lo berti vau lo nu lo dinju cu se zbasu fi lo rokci
Engineers argued for the road to be located to the north and against the house to be built of rock.
gismu rafsi: lut lu'a x1 is a route/path/way/course/track to x2 from x3 via/defined by points including x4 (set). A route merely connects origin/destination, but need not be improved in any way; (x4 is a set of points at least sufficient to constrain the route relevantly). (cf. litru, naxle, tcana, dargu, klaji, ve klama; tadji, zukte for means to a goal, klama, pagre)