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gismu rafsi: dar da'o x1 is far/distant from x2 in property x3 (ka). See also jibni.
ko darno
Keep your distance.
na darno la.paRIZ.
It is not far to Paris.
lo muzga cu darno ti
The museum is far from here.
do simlu lo ka darno pe'a
You seem distant.
ra melbi ve ga'a lo nu darno
She's a beauty from a distance.
lo lunra cu darno lo terdi
The moon is distant from the earth.
lo solri cu mutce darno lo terdi
The sun is so distant from the earth.
lo selzva cu darno la tokios.
It is far from here to Tokyo.
lo nakni pu ti'a na'e darno
He was not far behind.
lo fetsi pu ti'a na'e darno
She was not far behind.
la xokaidos cu darno mutce ienaipei
Hokaido is pretty far, isn't it?
le dinju cu darno ki mi
The house is far from me.
lo vacri pu klina lo darno voksa
The air was clean to pass a distant voice.
ti lenjo lo gusni lo darno
This lens focusing light has a long focal length.
lo zdani be ra cu mutce darno lo tcana
His house is very far from the station.