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gismu x1 is a pocket/pouch of/in garment/item x2. See also dakli, taxfu, bakfu.
la .tam. setca le ckiku le daski
Tom put the key into his pocket.
mi pu bevri lo fonxa fo lo daski
I took the phone out of the pocket.
gismu x1 is a sack/bag with contents x2, and of material x3. See also daski for pouch, bakfu.
lo mikce pu lacpu lo papri to'o lo me ta daski
The doctor pulled the paper from his pocket.
la mortimer poi mikce pu lacpu ta to'o lo me vo'a cutne daski
Doctor Mortimer pulled it out of his breast-pocket.
mi pu punji lo mi xance lo daski be lo mi kosta
I put my hand into the pocket of my coat.
gismu rafsi: baf x1 is a bundle/package/cluster/clump/pack [shape/form] containing x2, held together by x3. See also daski, dakli, tanxe.
lujvo m1 is a marsupial mammal of species m2. Cf. daski, mabru, daskycribe, kanguru.
gismu rafsi: taf ta'u x1 is dress/a garment/clothing for wearing by x2 (gender/species/body part) serving purpose x3. Also: x2 can wear/is wearing x1; refers to something intended for use as a garment, not merely something that happens to be worn at some time (which need not be true for dasni). See also creka, cutci, daski, dasni, gluta, kosta, mapku, palku, pastu, skaci, smoka, lunbe.