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experimental cmavo pro-sumti: this entire document/text Similar to dei, but refers to the entire text. See se uencu, se cukta
lo xe fanva be dei cu xlali xe fanva
The translation of this sentence is a bad translation.
jaginai do jimpe la'e dei gi do gletu nitcu
If you can understand this sentence then you need to have sex with someone.
.i la'e dei traji lo ka na'e tugni fi ce'u
There is no more disagreeable thing than this.
mi na kakne lo nu fanva dei poi jufra
This is the sentence which I can't translate.
.i da'i dei na'e xajmi seja'eda'i lo nu na'e ranxi
This sentence wouldn't be funny if not for irony.
roda poi ke'a tcidu dei cu kakne lo za'i tcidu
All that read this can read.
lo ca carvi cu diklo lo stuna lo dei tcadu
Within the borders of this city, the rain is in the south.
fu'ivla x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code ''dei'' (Demisa). See also bangu
i lo se casnu pe dei ca zenba lo ka cinri
This discussion is getting more interesting.
do te mukti lo ka mo ca lo fanmo lo dei jeftu
What are you going to do on weekend?
la tom gletu la meris ca lo nu fanva dei sepi'o lo me la'o gy.Android.gy. me'u cabra
Tom was fucking Mary while translating this sentence on his Android device.
experimental cmavo metasyntactic variable marker Explicitly marks the preceding variable, e.g. ko'a ko'e, lerfu-strings, and/or broda series as being metasyntactic: i.e. having no specific meaning or referent and merely used to demonstrate syntax or hypothetical scenarios. Automatically unassigns the variable from any previous assignment. May also be used for pronouns like mi or do or dei. This is useful to refer to mi as a 'first-person pronoun' rather than the actual speaker themself, for example, when giving the definition of mi'o: 'mi ge'ei jo'u do ge'ei', makes it clear that the speaker doesn't literally mean the speaker and the listener, but are using mi and do metasyntactically. Similarly, one might define mi as 'lo cusku be dei ge'ei'. See ge'ai, da'o
.i mi pu za lo nanca be li pa .a re cu dikni .irci zo'ei dei .i je ku'i mi ze'u na lojbo zukte
I was a regular in the channel a year or two ago, but have been away from Lojban for a while now.
gismu rafsi: dje dei x1 is x2 full days in duration (default is 1 day) by standard x3; (adjective:) x1 is diurnal. Today (= cabdei); tomorrow (= bavlamdei); yesterday (= prulamdei). See also donri, detri, jeftu, masti, nanca, nicte, tcika.