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gismu rafsi: deb x1 is a bean/pea/leguminous seed from plant [legume] x2. See also grute, sobde, tsiju.
ma nelci lo dembi
Who likes beans?
ta'o mi caca'o citka lo stasu belo dembi
By the way, I am eating a bean stew right now.
mi ca ca'o citka lo stasu be lo dembi
I am eating a bean stew.
i mi pu citka lo stasu be lo dembi ce lo silna
I ate a bean soup with salt.
lujvo x1 is a jicama of species/variety x2. Cf. samcu, dembi.
gismu rafsi: sob so'e x1 is a quantity of soya [grain/bean] of species/strain x2. See also dembi, gurni.
fu'ivla x1 is a Mexican tortilla, a flat round bread made out of x2 (e.g. cornmeal or flour) In Mexican cuisine often served with a filling or topping such as dembi - 'beans', rectu - 'meat', sanso - 'sauce', smetana - 'sour cream' or cirla - 'cheese'. Spanish tortilla is omle.
gismu rafsi: tsi x1(s) is/are (a) seed(s)/spore(s) [body-part] of organism x2 for producing offspring x3. Also germ cell; implies actual potential for self-development; seeds generally contain embryo and food, and hence would include a fertilized egg. See also tarbi, dembi, grute, jbari, sombo, spati, sovda.
gismu rafsi: rut x1 is a fruit [body-part] of species x2. See also badna, dembi, figre, guzme, narge, perli, pilka, plise, spati, stagi, tamca, tsiju, tarbi, panzi, rorci, te pruce, jbari, nimre.