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gismu rafsi: der de'u x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of dirt/soil/earth/ground from source x2 of composition x3. Also: x1 is earthen; x3: composition including x3, which need not be exhaustive of composition. See also kliti, terdi, loldi.
bu'u lo kumfa ve'e dertu
It's dirty all over the room.
lo ferti dertu cu tcevajni lo nuntumcrepu
Fertile soil is indispensable for agriculture.
lo snime cu gacri lo dertu
Snow covers the ground.
lo bisli lunsa pu gacri lo dertu
The frost covered the ground.
lo skuro be lo dertu cu ganra
The trench in the ground is wide.
tu'a ko'a ba bapli lo nu do citka lo dertu
He will make you eat dirt.
ti boske lo clani tricu ce lo kliti dertu
This is a forest of long trees and clay loams.
pu ze'a ku lo karce cu muvdu bu'u lo dertu
For a while, the car moved on the soil.
mi pu farlu fi lo skalera fe lo dertu
I fell down from the stairs onto the ground.
le te cange pu plixa lo dertu lo barda
The farmer ploughed the ground using a large plow.
xu do mo'u sombo lo tsiju lo dertu
Have you sown the seeds in the ground?
lujvo b1 initially grows b2 beyond the soil; b1 sprouts b2 from the ground. dertu+banro
fu'ivla x1 is an earthworm of species x2. Cf. curnu, dertu, carvi.
ti canpa lo nu kakpa lo dertu vau ji lo nu katna lo genja
Is this spade for digging ground or for cutting roots?
lo kalci be lo bakni cu jai rinka lo nu lo dertu cu ferti
Cow dung makes soil fertile.