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experimental cmavo mathematical ternary operator: Dirichlet convolution (a*b)(c) a,b are arithmetic functions, c is an integer (the output is defined for at least strictly positive integers c). (a*b)(c) is given by the sum (over all of the distinct ordered pairs (n,m) belonging to the Cartesian product of the set of all strictly positive integers with itself, such that n is not equal to m and such that nm = c (where adjacency represents typical multiplication of integers)) of a(n)b(m) (where adjacency represents typical pointwise multiplication).
experimental cmavo quaternary mathematical operator: (left) convolution (a★b)(c) in structure d a, b are integrable functions; c is the variable of input of the convolution a★b; d is the structure in which these objects and the convolution live; the convolution is applied from the left (subject to context and definitions). Domains of integration and characteristics of the integrand, etc., can be defined by d and/or by context. See also: di'ei'o'au.