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lujvo x1 is an electron. Cf. lektoni, dicfle.
lujvo f1=d1 is an electrical current / flow in / on / through f2 = d2 flowing in direction to / towards f3 from direction/source f4. Cf. dicflecru, dicka'u. dicka3 is not sensical.
fu'ivla x1 is an electron in quantum state x2 Cf. protoni, nurtoni, xumsle, dicka'u, guska'u, kuarka.
lujvo c1 is a transistor / electrical regulator which allows electric current c2 = df1 to flow under conditions c3 in / on / through df2 flowing in direction to / towards df3 from direction/source df4. Cf. dicfle, dicka'u.