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gismu rafsi: dir x1 (event) interrupts/stops/halts/[disrupts] x2 (object/event/process) due to quality x3. Also disturbs (one sense). See also zunti, fanza, raktu, denpa.
zvati ma fa lo fagri dicra tutci
Where is the fire extinguisher?
tu'a la tom pu dicra lo nu la meris tavla
Tom interrupted Mary's speech.
lo sance pu dicra lo nu mi sipna vau lo ka cladu
The sound woke me up since it was loud.
lujvo v1 chokes on/because of d3. Cf. dicra, vasxu, vaxydicra.
lujvo d1 extinguishes light g1 illuminating g2, the light source being g3. Cf. gusni, dicra.
lujvo d1 chokes v1 by/with d3. Cf. vasxu, dicra, dirva'u.
gismu rafsi: faz x1 (event) annoys/irritates/bothers/distracts x2. Also: is disruptive to. See also fengu, raktu, dicra, tunta, zunti, jicla.
gismu rafsi: dep de'a x1 awaits/waits/pauses for/until x2 at state x3 before starting/continuing x4 (activity/process). (x2 is an event, usually a point event); also: resuming x4. See also dicra, fanmo, sisti, fliba, pandi.
gismu rafsi: ra'u x1 (object/person/event/situation) troubles/disturbs x2 (person) causing problem(s) x3. Also afflicts, is disruptive to, troublesome; x1/x3 are a care to x2, x2 is troubled by/cares about x1/x3 (= selra'u for reordered places). See also dicra, fanza, zunti, kurji, xanka, nabmi.
gismu rafsi: zun zu'i x1 (evt./state) interferes with/hinders/disrupts x2 (evt./state/process) due to quality x3 (ka). Also blocks, obstructs, baffles; not necessarily forcing cessation. See also fanta, dicra, fliba, fanza, raktu, klina, bandu, cfipu, ganlo.