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gismu rafsi: klo x1 is local to x2; x1 is confined to locus x2 within range x3; x1 is regional Indicates a specific location/value within a range; e.g. a hits b. What is the locality on b that a hits? Thus x1 is associated with a specific narrow region/interval x2 of wider space/range x3. See also cmavo list di'o, jibni, zvati, cpana, nenri, lamji, stuzi, tcila.
ko'a diklo malsorgle
She's the local slut.
lo nimse'u cu diklo lo ri ckana
The maid is confined to her bed.
xu lo plinici'u kampu cu vimcu lo diklo malsorgle
Does globalisation mean the disappearance of local sluts?
lo ca carvi cu diklo lo stuna lo dei tcadu
Within the borders of this city, the rain is in the south.
cmavo diklo modal, 1st place in the location of ...
cmavo-compound diklo modal, 2nd place locally; at specific locus ...
cmavo-compound diklo modal, 3rd place locally; at specific locus within range ...
.i lo mensi be mi ca xabju la boston ja'e lo nu la'a mi vitke fi lo se diklo
My sister lives in Boston, hence, I'll likely visit the area.
lujvo b1=d1 crouches/squats/hunkers down. Cf. diklo, binxo, krosa'i, demtse.
gismu rafsi: til x1 is a detail/feature/particular of x2. See also diklo, steci.
gismu rafsi: lam la'i x1 is adjacent/beside/next to/in contact with x2 in property/sequence x3 in direction x4. Also touching, contiguous, against. See also zvati, cpana, jibni, diklo, stuzi, bartu, jbini.
gismu rafsi: jbi x1 is near/close to/approximates x2 in property/quantity x3 (ka/ni). See also darno, nenri, vanbi, jbini, lamji, zvati, cpana, bartu, diklo, stuzi.
gismu rafsi: tuz stu x1 is an inherent/inalienable site/place/position/situation/spot/location of x2 (object/event). Generally used for normally stationary objects/events, to give their 'permanent' location. See also cmavo list tu'i, jmive, diklo, zvati, tcini, xabju, jibni, judri, lamji, mokca, stali.
gismu x1 is upon/atop/resting on/lying on [the upper surface of] x2 in frame of reference/gravity x3. (x1 may be object or event); See also se vasru, jbini, zvati, nenri, vreta, ckana, diklo, jibni, lamji, zutse, punji for lay upon, sarji, zbepi.
gismu rafsi: ner ne'i x1 is in/inside/within x2; x1 is on the inside/interior of x2 [totally within the bounds of x2]. Indicates total containment. (cf. se vasru (for containment that need not be total), jbini, zvati, cpana, sruri, senta, snuji, bartu, diklo, jibni, jinru, setca)