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lo gunma be lo prenu ca'o sruri le dinju
The crowd of people is surrounding the building.
lo jbopre pu jmaji lo dinju lo vrici gugde
Lojbanists gathered.
le prenu cu muvdu lo bartu le dinju lo canko
The person is moving to the outside from the building via the window.
se la'u li so'i le dinju cu banli
To a large degree the building is great.
lo vi dinju ba zasni lo ka mi xabju
I will temporarily live in this building.
zu'e nai je fa mi viska lo dinju
A building caught my eye.
lujvo d1=g1=c1 is a tower for pupose d2. See also: clani, galtu, dinju.
lujvo z1 is/are the foundation(s) of building/edifice/structure d1 of/for type/purpose d2, made of/with materials/properties z3. Cf. dinju, zbepi.
gismu rafsi: gik x1 is a camp/encampment/temporary residence of x2 at location x3. See also dinju, xabju, zdani.
fu'ivla x1 is an igloo See also dinju, bisli, bangiku'u, bangikutu, bangiku'e
lujvo x1 visits place x2 Rams x2 and x3 of vitke together, implying visiting a place rather than a person or thing. See stuzi, dinju
experimental cmavo grammatically converts LAhE to SE; semantically the result tags the x1 of the selbri as being LAhE the supplied x1. Can be converted to other than x1 with SE. Cf. jai in the TAG sense. Note that jai in the non-TAG sense is the same as jai'a tu'a. Example usage: lo tadni cu jai'a lu'o sruri lo dinju gi'e krixa <-> loi tadni cu sruri lo dinju gi'e jai'a lu'a krixa <-> loi tadni cu sruri lo dinju .ije lu'a lo go'i cu krixa
lo cacra be li ci cu temci lo nu mi mo'u cliva lo dinju vau lo nu lo mamta mo'u tsuku le dinju
Three hours passed from the time I left the building till the time the mother arrived at it.
experimental cmavo non-distributivity tag: as a mass equivalent to fi'o gunma. gu'au je fa lo tadni cu sruri lo dinju is the same as loi tadni cu sruri lo dinju.
lujvo x2=c1 is a window/portal/opening in wall/building/structure x1=c2. se canko, see also bitmu, dinju, kevna, greku, kumfa, korbi
lujvo d1 is a dormitory (building/place) where people x2 (complete mass) sleep. x1 is from dinju and x2 is invented but related to sipna_1. x2 should be used for all the people; e.g. "mi se sorsipydi'u" incorrect speaking for yourself.