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lo se stidi be le prenu pu du lo nu daspo lo dinju
Her proposal was to destroy the building.
mi pu tolpro lo pendo lo ka klama lo skina dinju
I accepted my friend's proposal to go to the cinema.
ca lo vacmurse be lo prulamdei le festi pu tsuku lo mi dinju
Yesterday at twilight, she arrived at my house.
do pu virnu lo ka klama lo nenri be lo jelca dinju
It was brave of you to enter the burning house.
lu xu le prenu noi sanli ne'a lo va dinju cu ninmu li'u lu jo'a i mi na djuno li'u
"Is the person standing near that building a woman?" "Good question! I don't know! (there is a person standing near the building, the question of whether it's a woman is applicable)."
mi pu vitke lo dinju poi bu'u ke'a mi'a se zdani ze'a lo nanca be li so'o
I visited a house where we lived for several years.
mi pu jai se bapli fai lo ka se marbi lo laldo dinju fi lo ka cilmo
I had to take shelter in an old building in order not to become wet.
i lo zdani be mi cu barda dinju gi'e se kumfa ci da ce lo vikmi kumfa ce lo lumci kumfa
My home is a big house and has three rooms plus a toilet plus a bathroom.
loi enge pu darlu lo nu lo dargu cu se stuzi lo berti vau lo nu lo dinju cu se zbasu fi lo rokci
Engineers argued for the road to be located to the north and against the house to be built of rock.
lo du'u lo prina be fi lo nixli jamfu cu nenri lo dinju cu logji lo du'u la alis pu zvati ti
By the fact that there are footprints of a girl inside the house, I conclude that Alice was here.
do pu xlura sa'u mi lo ka te vecnu lo vi dinju vau ta'i lo ka jai gau cenba fai lo jdima
You just lured me into buying this house by changing the price.
gismu rafsi: zac zai x1 is a market/store/exchange/shop(s) selling/trading (for) x2, operated by/with participants x3. Also: mall, marketplace, shopping center, cooperative, bazaar, trading post, mart; the concept is the function of selling/exchanging coupled with a location, and is more oriented to the larger concept of marketplace than the stalls/shops that comprise it, though it does not exclude the latter individual shops (= zaisle); x3 may include both owners/proprietors and customers in some markets, but in most contexts refers only to the operators. See also vecnu, canja, dinju, banxa.