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gismu rafsi: di'o x1 is a nail/tack [pointed driven/frictional fastener] of type/size x2 (ka), made of material x3. (x2 also can be ni abstraction); See also pijne, lasna.
ti dinko lo ka lasna lo cutci lo xirma ce'u
This is a nail for fastening horseshoes.
mi pu lasna lo pixra lo bitmu lo dinko se pi'o lo mruli
I nailed the picture to the wall using a hammer.
mi pu setca lo dinko le bitmu se pi'o lo mruli
I hammered a nail into the wall using a hammer.
ti zmiku mruli lo ka setca lo dinko se pi'o ce'u vau lo barda lo matra
This is an automatic hammer for nailing with a large head propelled by a motor.
ei do lasna lo cutci lo sufti be lo xirma lo dinko
You should fit the shoe to the horse's hoof with nails.
gismu x1 is a pin/peg (needle-shaped tool) for fastening to/piercing x2, of material/properties x3. See also jesni, nivji, fenso, dinko, tutci.
lujvo d1 is a button (for clothing) of type/size d2 (ka/ni), made of material d3. Cf. dinko, taxfu.
gismu rafsi: la'a x1 (agent) fastens/connects/attaches/binds/lashes x2 to x3 with fastener x4. No implication that result is considered a single object; although x2 and x3 may be reversible, x3 may be used for the substrate, the fixed/larger object to which x2 becomes attached. See also jorne, fenso, jgena, batke, dinko, kansa.