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ru'a la tom xa'o djuno
I guess Tom already knows.
xu mi .i na djuno
I? No!
xu nai do pu djuno
Didn't you know?
mi djuno lo nu do djuno lo nu mi djino i ku'i xu ra djuno lo nu do djuno lo nu mi djuno
I know you know I know. But does she know that you know I know?
fu'ivla x1 expects x2 (property of x3) from x3 See also djuno, jinvi. Desire isn't implied
experimental gismu x1 (entity) is cognitive in that it allows knowing x2 (proposition) See also facki, djuno.
lo nu djuno cu se smuni lo nu djuno lo du'u nonydjuno .i la'edi'u smuni lo ka djuno
To know is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge.
xu do pu na djuno la'e di'u
Didn't you know that?
mi na djuno lo du'u ra zvati
I didn't know that he was there.
ra na djuno lo du'u mi ponjo
She doesn't know that I'm Japanese.
mi na djuno fi lo se zvati
I do not know where it is.
djuno fi lo rinka be lo fagri
The cause of the fire was known.
lo nu djuno fi vo'e na frili
To know oneself is not easy.
mi djuno lo du'u la.mark. pu bilma
I know that Marco has been sick.
djuno lo du'u ko'a na'o sanga
She's well known as a singer.
mi toltce djuno fi la .ceikspir.
I know a little about Shakespeare.