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e'o do zenba lo ka masno lo ka tavla i e'o do tavla masno zenba
Would you please speak more slowly?
ai mi zivle lo nejni lo ka prami do vau lo nu do prami mi
I take a chance on loving you so that you will love me.
gismu rafsi: big x1 is bound/obliged to/has the duty to do/be x2 in/by standard/agreement x3; x1 must do x2. Also x3 frame of reference. See also zifre, fuzme.
experimental cmavo impersonal pronoun; generic-you; generic-one; a generalized person See su'a, da'i, lo'e, do, da, zo'e
lujvo c1 is a second person pronoun in language c4. Cf. do, do'o, cmavo, mibma'o.
experimental cmavo combines LA with DOI used to address someone in the 2nd person by name and use that as a sumti at the same time, that is: do doi la broda is equivalent to la'ei broda
cmavo-compound discursive: false-true question. Example: xunai do djuno - 'Don't you know?'. Only negates the question rhetorically, and not the expected answer; go'i/ja'a/je'u still means "Yes, I know".
mi tavla do lo mlatu i je do tavla mi lo mlatu i va'i mi ce do tavla zu'ai lo mlatu
I talk to you about cats, and you talk to me about cats. In other words, we talk to each other about cats.
xu do stali lo zdani ze'a lo cabycte
Will you stay at home tonight?
mi djica lo ka jarco lo banli jvinu do
I want to show you a spectacular view.
da'i mi dunda ro drata be ti do
I'll give you anything but this.
mi na jimpe lo se cusku be do
I cannot understand what you say.
xu do ka'e fanva fo lo glibau fi lo ponbau
Can you translate English into Japanese?
lu xu do ba'o citka li'u .i zo go'i
"Have you eaten?" "Yes, I have."
xu do kansa la.pitr. lo nu klama la.minx,n.
Did you accompany Peter to Munich?
e'u do stali ti co'u lo nu na snime carvi
You can stay here till the snow stops.