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ei do lasna lo cutci lo sufti be lo xirma lo dinko
You should fit the shoe to the horse's hoof with nails.
do pu virnu lo ka klama lo nenri be lo jelca dinju
It was brave of you to enter the burning house.
lo xance be do cu jai pluka fai lo ka se palpi
Your hand is pleasant to the touch.
mi xebni lo ka zgana ro nu do se tasmi lo simsa
I hate seeing you like this.
xu do xusra lo du'u lo terdi cu carna lo solri
Are you asserting that the Earth goes round the Sun?
gau mi do ba djuno ba zi lo nu mi tsuku
I will inform you as soon as I arrive.
le prenu poi pu tavla do zi'e noi blondine cu bruna mi vau ue pei
The man that talked to you and who is blond is my brother, surprised?
lo nu mi tatpi cu zildukse lo nu mi sidju do
I'm too tired to help you.
lujvo x1 thinks x2 is obliged to do x3 by standard/agreement x4 See bilga, jinvi, einvi, minde
gismu x1 shows audacity/chutzpah in behavior x2 (event/activity); x1 dares to do/be x2 (event/ka). x1 is bold. See also virnu.
lujvo x1=g1=s1 is happy/merry/gay about helping/assisting/aiding object/person x2=s2 to do/achieve/maintain event/activity x3=s3 cf. gleki and sidju
lujvo n1 is an instruction/advice from x2=n3 to help/assist/aid x3=s2=n4 do/achieve/maintain event/activity x4=s3.
fu'ivla x1 asks permission to do/be x2 (ka) from x3 See e'a, curmi, cpedu, e'ande
lujvo t1 is an opportunity for t2=g1 to do g2. Cf. tcini, gasnu, funca.
obsolete fu'ivla x1 (parties) have a guanxi/communicative relation in aspect x2; x2 is a combination of the business and personal relationships whereby the parties x1 enhance their ability to do business by building a bond with personal favors
lujvo x1 pretends to be/do x2 (ka) in order for x3 to falsely believe untruth x4 (du'u), false by standard/epistemology/metaphysics x5