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coi do mo
Hello, how are you doing?
coi ro do
Hi, everybody!
do mo'u fenki pei
Have you gone completely mad?
do ca mo
What are you up to?
do ka'e lacri la.djak.
You can count on Jack.
do tilju sai
How heavy you are!
do mi dibycai
You are very dear to me.
ma tcini do
What's your situation?
do nitcu ti
You need this.
do ba'o verba
You're not a child anymore.
do tadni je'i gunka
Are you studying or working?
ma ctuca do
Who teaches you?
do ba fliba
You will fail.
do ba tolsnada
You will fail.
ma gugde do
What country are you from?
e'u do basti mi
Why don't you go in my place?