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experimental cmavo discursive & gafyzmico: ignore/kill all following default specifications (permanently) Hereinafter, no terbri will have any default specification unless explicitly given one in the discourse or unless the "official" definition default value is referenced explicitly by the appropriate pro-sumti. See also: dai'o, zmico, gafyzmico, da'o.
experimental cmavo discursive & gafyzmico: reset/restore all defaults (permanently) to discourse-exterior specification; cancel all following discourse-interior default assignments Any modification made to the default value of all terbri is hereby cancelled and the definitions of all words (with respect to default specifications for terbri), as they explicitly appear in official Lojban word lists and other resources, is hereby used. Permanent until future alterations (with respect to terbri default specifications) is explicitly made. See also: do'ai, zmico, gafyzmico, da'o.