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cmavo pro-sumti: you the listener & others unspecified.
do'o klama lo zarci
You go to the market.
mi na djica lo nu ponse lo do'o dinju
I do not want your houses.
ui re'e cu'i do'o pu zbasu lo malsi
You belong to a shitty religion, no respect to you in this!
lu mi'a pu casnu lo nu litru li'u lu do'o pu cuxna ma li'u
"We discussed travelling." "What did you choose?"
lujvo c1 is a second person pronoun in language c4. Cf. do, do'o, cmavo, mibma'o.
gismu rafsi: dot do'o x1 reflects German/Germanic culture/nationality/language in aspect x2. See also ropno.
la obamas pu xusra lo du'u la romni cu tolmo'i tu'a lo se jinvi be ri i je cu'u O boi R kanpe lo nu do'o si'a tolmo'i
Obama said that Romney is forgetting what his own positions are — "and he's betting that you will too".